Sea Dog Rescue

Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Shelters Service Area
Based in Elizabeth City, Pasquotank county, North Carolina but will serve the eastern seaboard.

About the Animal Shelter

We are a small non profit, home based foster group, incorporated in NC. We rescue shelter pets, particularly those whose time is up and at risk of euthanasia, from shelters and find them screened, approved permanent homes according to our adoption process and criteria. We are committed to reducing the euthanasia rates in shelters and believe that every dog should have a chance to live a happy, fulfilled life. Our commitment is to provide vet care for the health of our dogs and to provide them a positive, nurturing, loving environment where they will live the rest of their lives as a valued family member.

Adoption Process

Adopting a Companion from Sea Dog Rescue We are so pleased that you are considering adopting a companion from our rescue and would like you to know what to expect from this process. Our companions are special dogs who have not had the greatest start in life but who are willing and happy to “forgive and forget” and give all of their love to another human. Because of this we want our companions to have the best of homes where they will receive the love, attention, exercise, and the health care they deserve. We provide full age appropriate vet care for all of our companions prior to adoption. We require all of our companions to be spayed or neutered. Our Adoption Criteria We want our companions to be adopted by animal lovers who have given ample consideration to the responsibilities associated with providing a wonderful, fulfilling home. Our adoption criterion includes, but is not limited to, the following: • Consideration should be given to the time commitment needed to care for and teach your new companion the “rules of the house”. • Consideration should also be given to the financial responsibility of providing for items that help to make your home, their home – for example, a dog bed, crate, collar, leash, personal food bowls, toys, etc. are all items you should provide for your companion in his or her new home. • Careful consideration should be given to the costs associated with, and the careful choice of, a veterinarian to provide routine veterinary care as well as unexpected care in the event of illness or accidents. We ask for a veterinarian reference on our application however, we understand that some folks may be adopting for the first time and therefore may not have a current veterinarian, or perhaps have not had a companion recently and thus may not have a current veterinarian. The lack of a vet reference will not automatically disqualify an applicant, however we do ask that adopters do their homework with respect to choosing a veterinarian prior to adopting and are able to provide us the name of the veterinarian or clinic they intend to use for their companion’s healthcare. • Additionally, we insist on positive training methods only. Use of pinch collars, choke chains, electric shock collars, prong collars, and hitting/slapping the dog or yelling at the dog is expressly prohibited. • Our companions are adopted as indoor pets only – we do not allow our companions to go to homes where they will be “tied out” in the yard or left alone in a fenced yard for long periods of time. Please note: we are unable to approve applications from applicants under 21 years of age. Our Adoption Process Because we work diligently to place our companions in a home that is a perfect fit for both the companion and the adopter, our adoption process has several steps.  The first step in the adoption process is completing an Adoption Application. Your application may be scanned and emailed to our rescue email account at or faxed to 252-679-7298. Alternately, you may mail your application to: Sea Dog Rescue 128 Birdie Lane Elizabeth City, NC 27909  Once we have received your application we will review it to see if you meet our adoption criteria. This determination is based on the information provided on your application as well as a telephone interview. If you have provided a veterinary reference you should be sure to call their office and give them permission to speak with us, otherwise they are legally bound not to give any information about your animal’s vet history. If you currently have pet(s) we do expect that they are current on their vaccinations and they are spayed or neutered, provided they are at least 6 months of age. We may receive several applications for the same companion and we do not base our approval on the order in which the applications are received. We review each application thoroughly and make our decision based on what we feel is the best fit for the companion and the potential adopter. Your submission of an Adoption Application is not a guarantee of adoption for that companion and we reserve the right to decline any application for any reason.  After your application has been approved we require a Home Visit Check. We want to see where our companions will be living and ensure that it is a safe, homey environment for them. Our companions are adopted strictly as indoor companions and are not intended to live outdoors or be left on a chain or tether in your yard. Home visit checks are scheduled at the convenience of the adopter and the Sea Dog Rescue representative performing the home visit check; pictures of the home environment may be required and are strictly for Sea Dog Rescue use and are never shared in any fashion.  In cases where it is possible, we will arrange for a “meet and greet” with the companion. Since foster homes are scarce and we work with many shelters in various locations our companions may not be local to your area. If you wish to drive to the foster home for a meet and greet we encourage you to do so however, for the safety of our companions and their foster caregivers, this is done only after your application has been approved. If you are too far from the foster caregiver’s home for a meet and greet, we can put you in touch with them via telephone to learn more about the companions daily schedule, behaviors, etc.  The last step of our process is payment of the adoption fee and the review and signing of an Adoption Agreement. Getting Your New Companion from His/Her Foster Home to Their New Home Sea Dog Rescue may be able to provide transportation, at no extra charge, for your new furry family member from their foster home to their new forever home, no matter the distance, via ground or air transport. A Sea Dog Rescue representative will always deliver your new family member to his or her new home and you will receive all necessary vet records and travel documents. Adoption Fees Adoption fees vary for each individual companion and are based on variables such as the routine veterinary care required prior to adoption, medical conditions that require specialty veterinary care, medical conditions that require extended treatment, and age of the companion. Adoption fees are payable by personal check, bank check or cash; if paying by check, please make it payable to “Sea Dog Rescue”. Adoption fees for Sea Dogs average $150.00 to $300.00 (USD). What services does my adoption fee cover and what is the customary fee for these services? Services covered Usual and Customary Charges Medical evaluation from a veterinarian $35 - $50 Puppy Vaccinations (Series of 3 vaccinations) $47 - $55 for each series DHPP $20 - $25 DHLPP $22 - $28 Bordatella (Kennel Cough) $20 - $25 *Heartworm test $30 - $40 Fecal test $20 - $25 Dewormer $17 - $30 Microchipping $50 - $65 Spay/Neuter (incl. blood tests & pain mgmt.) $165 - $300+, depending on weight Rabies $17 - $25 Flea and Tick preventive $18 Heartworm preventive $15 Health Certificate $25 - $50 * Dependent on age or Upon Request All of our dogs have some potty training under their belly, however, dogs less than 8 - 10 months of age are not considered reliably potty trained. Most dogs, regardless of whether or not they are reliably potty trained, may have accidents in a new environment until they are taught where to go in order to be let outside to their potty area.

Meet the Pets

Interested adopters can arrange for a meet and greet at our foster caregivers homes by appointment or can meet our adoptable pets at adoption events.

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