Save a Lab Rescue

Greensboro, NC 27410

Shelters Service Area
The Northern East Coast, we save dogs from shelters in Southern States

About the Animal Shelter

We rescue Labradors that are in danger of being euthanized at animal shelters or that are in situations that are abusive, neglectful and/or harmful. Save A Lab Rescue provides all necessary veterinary care for its rescued Labradors and transports them to approved foster homes, where they are cared for until they are adopted. The organization conducts a thorough screening process of its prospective adopters, and seeks to place its rescued Labradors into approved, permanent adoptive homes.

Adoption Process

We require applications to be filled and a background check is preformed. Adoptions fees are 325.00 and are used to off set the costs of vetting, transpot, etc....

Meet the Pets

We are foster based so visits are scheduled after approval top adopt, bios and photos of our dogs can be found on facebook and currently Petfinder and our website

Animals at Save a Lab Rescue