Jeff Tarpley Rescue

Texarkana, TX 75501
(903) 490-2959

Shelters Service Area
50 states and Canada

About the Animal Shelter

My name is Jeff Tarpley. I am an independent rescuer in the Texarkana, Texas/Arkansas area. I am a one man rescue trying to make a difference in animal’s lives. All of the rescued animals on this site are rescued from shelters and owner surrenders. They are fully vetted, which includes spay or neutered, shots with rabies, heartworm tested, heartworm treated if positive, started on heartworm prevention and frontline. Any animal needing extra vet care is treated as well. All expenses to vet and care for the animals are out of my own pocket. In June 2007 I started transporting rescued and adopted animals around the four states area. My first transport was an abused (GSD) German Shepard Dog out of Louisiana headed to Minnesota. His name was Wilson and I will never forget him. Since meeting Wilson, I have driven 43,000 miles for the animals. I will continue to transport, donate and rescue for other rescue groups but my main focus will be helping animals that have very little chance to live.

Adoption Process

Jeff Tarpley Rescue welcomes all inquires from home owners and condo, apartment dwellers. A completed adoption application and upon approval, adoption contract is required. Residences in the 50 states and Canada with a minimum age of 18 years old are considered for adoption. Adoption fees depend on the expenses of vetting, treating and caring for the animal.

Animals at Jeff Tarpley Rescue