Duck Team 6 Street Dog Rescue

Dallas, TX 75214

Shelters Service Area
Dallas area

About the Animal Shelter

We rescue homeless dogs from the streets of Dallas, Tx. Most of the dogs we capture have spent the majority, if not their entire lives on the streets so are very elusive. Once we get them into loving foster homes they adjust really well. We help a lot of good samaritans who have fed stray dogs for months, even years but haven't been able to catch/pet the dog. We help them capture the dogs and a lot of times they end up adopting them so it is very rewarding to help make that happen.

Adoption Process

interested parties fill out an adoption application, we check vet and personal references, we set up a time for them to meet the dog and also do home visits. If it doesn't work out, the dog must be returned to us. Our fee is $150 for an adult dog and $175 for a puppy.

Meet the Pets

We bring our dogs to events at Petsmart as well as various fundraising events.

Animals at Duck Team 6 Street Dog Rescue