Annie's Pet Rescue

Cottonwood, CA 96022
(530) 377-6889

Shelters Service Area
Shasta and Tehama Counties, Red Bluff, Cottonwood, Anderson, Redding, Shasta Lake City (towns & cities)

About the Animal Shelter

I am a registered veterinary technician and worked in a clinic for many years. I fostered for another rescue for two years and Annie's Rescue is my dream, because I found so much value in working with a challenging foster and seeing how far they come. We are a last chance rescue for pets that are not likely to be adopted or rescued by a traditional rescue due to illness, injury, behavioral issues, age, breed and/or appearance. Our mission is to rehabilitate these pets and help them find fitting homes for life. Rescuing the "un-adoptable" because they all matter.

Adoption Process

adoption application, vet records check, home visit, adoption contract. we require previous or current pets are spayed and neutered and receiving appropriate vet care. Fenced yard for dogs. Appropriate expectations for specific pet/pet's needs.

Meet the Pets

We do not have a shelter and foster out of our home. We do meetings at home checks to qualified adopters and at times share adoption day events with another local rescue.

Animals at Annie's Pet Rescue