Default Dog Photo
  • Good with dogs: Yes
  • Good with cats: Yes
  • Good with kids: Yes
  • Good with adults: All
  • Good for seniors/elderly: Yes
  • Good with new people: Cautious
  • Likes to vocalize: Quiet
  • House trained: Yes
  • Special Needs: No
  • Spay/Neutered: Yes
  • Grooming Needs: Low
  • Shedding amount: None
  • Obedience Training: Well Trained
  • Owner experience required: Species
  • Exercise needs: Moderate
  • Energy level: Moderate
  • Activity Level: Moderately Active
  • Yard required: No
  • Fence required: Any Type
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes
  • Good in a car: Yes
  • Crate trained: Yes
  • Likes to be in your lap: Yes
  • Apartment appropriate: Yes
  • Obedient: Yes
  • Timid/shy: Yes
  • Affectionate: Yes
  • Eager to please: Yes
  • Intelligent: Yes
  • Even tempered: Yes
  • Gentle: Yes

Lady Jane


Lady Jane is a sweetheart and would make a loving family pet. Ask for herĀ on the adoption application at under the adopt tab